Senior UX & Product Designer 

I love complex challenges, to find the simple solutions that people love to use and helps businesses grow. If you’re struggling with your sales-funnels, or to find product/market fit or other complicated interfaces like dashboards and applications: you’ve found the right person. UX


Freelancer wanted?
You can hire me as allround Senior UX & Product Designer:

  • Speciality: UX design for startups!
  • Product strategy & design,
  • Visual design (responsive websites, web-applications, online retail, sales-funnels, dashboards, mobile apps etc),
  • Interaction designer (wireframes, clickable prototypes, proposition analyse, UX strategy etc)

“I have worked with Tanja on the Healthy Workers project and am very impressed with her skillset and seniority. The project was already on it’s way for 1 year.

Tanja grasped the vision, idea and expectations really quick. She took on her role as senior, lead the ux team and started building in the first week until the end of the project.

She delivered more then promised. I recommend hiring Tanja for any high end UX job !”

Niels De Keizer

Partner at Fonk, Co-Founder at Healthy Workers, Judge for The Webby Awards

“During the months we have working together, Tanja has been a valuable and involved member of the Online Team, proving to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.

Combining her innovative insight, practical work experience and knowledge, she has brought me both personal and working value. Efficiency, forward thinking and reliability are the abilities which distinguish her as a great UX designer and through which she managed to get very successful results in a short period at I definitely recommend her!”

Linda Duijnhouwer-Tomaselli

Conversion Specialist & lead CRO,

Next Level UX for Startups

a 5 Week UX Intensive to take your Product to the Next Level

Upgrade your product’s UX design & strategy in 5 weeks with an in-house deep-dive (Netherlands only, other countries remote only). Where I come in and identify issues and provide possible solutions and optimisations to take your startup to the next level. Package includes

Project-period: 5 weeks a 16 hours on site.

Requirements: access to team & product owner, user research/data.

Deliverables: as desired by team.

During these 5 weeks I integrate with your product team. Find holes in your proposition. Solve complexities and design for better user experience and conversion. A typical result after the project:

  • Find product/market fit
  • Seal investors
  • Find (launching) customers & churn
  • Increased conversions & overall user experience

€ 7500,- excl. tax

10 + 2 =

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