I’m a freelance senior user experience and user interface Designer

I love complex design challenges (I live for this stuff). Solve the puzzle and find simple solutions that people actually love to use and help businesses grow.

Tanja ❤ UX/UI

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Creating simple & powerful designs; pleasurable experiences for people

Designer for web since 1997 and freelance since 2001. With a specialisation in the creation of user-friendly and persuasive user interfaces. Particularly the design of complex task-interfaces (dashboards, sales-funnels and other web- applications).

‘To make it appealing, fun and easy to use and to meet or succeed conversion goals’

Intrigued by human behaviour, what triggers us, motivates us and makes us happy. I look for ways how I can remove friction and add some delight to the world.

Helping other freelancers thrive

In my spare time, I help other freelancers to thrive… to freelance better. Freelancers are skilled workers but sometimes forget to work on their (own) business too. Their are too busy helping others do well, them them realise ideas and dreams… only to let their own ideas and dreams take the back-seat.

“Maybe one day…”, they think… 

I’m here to help them reclaim time from their busy schedule. Make sure they get paid what they’re worth, negotiate better terms to stop doing to much and giving away time.

It’s okay to make more money, to be able to save for sick-days, holidays and your retirement. Make more money to buy back time so you can work on your own ideas and dreams… now.

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Clients and work experience

InterGAMMA – Interim Senior UX designer –  Responsible for the online experience of gamma.nl, gamma.be and karwei.nl. Improve and optimise conversion-flow and usability-issues. In the 2018 Mobile benchmark report by Google, the brand gamma.nl (5th in Retail) got a special note about the mobile design. (05-2016 – 04-2018 & again since 2019)

Healthyworkers (startup) – UX strategist. I help clarify their product and complex dashboard design (May 2018).


Energiedirect.nl – Interim Senior UX designer. Responsible for the online experience. Improve and optimise conversion-flow and usability-issues. Energiedirect received the Usabilityaward (WUA! 2016) and reported a significant increase in conversion 
 (05-2015 – 04-2016)

Careerfoundry.com UX coach for students
 (09-2015 – 2016)

ESSENT.nl – Interim Senior Interaction designer / interface designer. Responsible for the online experience. Improve and optimise conversion-flow and usability- issues (11-2014 – 04-2015)

Inismo – Creative co-founder – UX designer.
UX design and product design, investment platform. Joined accelerator program NestGSV in Silicon Valley (2013-2015)

VGZ.nl – Interim Senior Interaction designer / interface designer. Improve and optimise conversion-flow and usability-issues, created a solid position for an interaction designer within the company in a newly structured process. (05-2013 – 08-2014)

independer.nl – Interim Senior Interaction designer / interface designer. Improve and optimise conversion-flow and usability-issues, coaching of junior interaction designer and guarding online corporate identity. (08-2010 – 12-2011 + 3 months in 2012 (project))

Other clients like: VASA Sport, Mount Reachmore, De Zelfstandigenburcht, Onna-Onna, Alliander, Brightway, Aartjan van Erkel, Centraal Beheer Achmea, Jungle Minds, Stroomt, 24 Sessions, TNT Express, Triodos Bank, Bedrijfslaboratorium Grond en Gewasonderzoek, VPRO, Cardif Cares, Peter Vonk, Gemeente Amsterdam, Qelp, Budgetticket bv, spotONvision, Yargon…

Avid cyclist… All work and no play?
Riding bikes and writing is what brings me peace of mind, a healthy body and balanced work-life. I produced content for both online and offline media: FIETS and PEDALA magazine.

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“I have worked with Tanja on the Healthy Workers project and am very impressed with her skillset and seniority. The project was already on it’s way for 1 year.

Tanja grasped the vision, idea and expectations really quick. She took on her role as senior, lead the ux team and started building in the first week until the end of the project.

She delivered more then promised. I recommend hiring Tanja for any high end UX job !”

Niels De Keizer

Partner at Fonk, Co-Founder at Healthy Workers, Judge for The Webby Awards

“During the months we have working together, Tanja has been a valuable and involved member of the Online Team, proving to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.

Combining her innovative insight, practical work experience and knowledge, she has brought me both personal and working value. Efficiency, forward thinking and reliability are the abilities which distinguish her as a great UX designer and through which she managed to get very successful results in a short period at energiedirect.nl. I definitely recommend her!”

Linda Duijnhouwer-Tomaselli

Conversion Specialist & lead CRO, Energiedirect.nl

Blogs: Voor freelancers – Ihavesomanyideas.com – Archief (2006 – 2015)

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