The Elements of Style for Designers

Op vertaalde Christina Wodtke een “List of Reminders” van E.B. White uit ‘The Elements of Style‘. De list van E.B White slaat op stelregels voor novice schrijvers/journalisten en Christina vertaalde het naar een bruikbare handleiding voor designers. features an article by Christina Wodtke, based on a “List of Reminders” by E.B. White taken from ‘The Elements of Style‘. This list features gentle reminders for writers and Christina translated them into design-reminders.

  • Place yourself in the background.
  • Write in a way that comes naturally.
  • Work from a suitable design.
  • Write with nouns and verbs.
  • Revise and rewrite.
  • Do not overwrite.
  • Do not overstate.
  • Avoid the use of qualifiers.
  • Do not affect a breezy manner.
  • Use orthodox spelling.
  • Do not explain too much.
  • Do not construct awkward adverbs.
  • Make sure the reader knows who is speaking.
  • Avoid fancy words.
  • Do not use dialect unless your ear is good.
  • Be clear.
  • Do not inject opinion.
  • Use figures of speech sparingly.
  • Do not take shortcuts at the cost of clarity.
  • Avoid foreign languages.
  • Prefer the standard to the offbeat.

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