Gmail 99% full… help!!

Dear Google,

First off… thank you for all the wonderfull services you so generously provide to us, free of charge. My favorite (and most important) tool is Gmail, that I first started using it as a backup. But gradually I switched to Gmail for all my mail. It’s accessible, perfect indexes and filters, oh wait… I don’t have to tell you.

Why did I switch to Gmail?
Well you kinda told me to, said I could save all my email and not ever have to worry about it (I had terrible Apple Mail crashes before). But recently I have started to worry… with my capacity up to 93% full I had to work to keep SPAM and Trash filters empty. And last night… I hit 99% (I wished I captured that moment).

I’ve been trashing old mail I had previously backupped, and I’m back at 93%. But the next time it’s overloading… what to do? Can I give some suggestions?

• Provide a “download selected messages” option to backup messages offline,
• Allow “multiple foreward” of messages,
Follow Yahoo… give us unlimited storage!

For these options I’d be eternally gratefull… I might even get the tattoo!

Yours sincerely,
Tanja de Bie

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  1. Wow, your kidding are you? No ofcourse you’re not. Gmail started april fools day 2004. So you are probably using Gmail for someting like 1000 days or so. This means you’re mailing on an average of 2,8 MB a day. If you’re mailing files a lot… Tip: get a webserver or box service where you store your files and use Gmail for mail?

    I had fun reading your mail, curious about the reply their going to send. I’m at 11%, can I donate you some of my space? or… you’re gonna make a second Gmail account for backing up old mail?
    or even better:


  2. I kidd you not! My “all mail” is now at 5899 and it wasn’t much more that that. So I’m buggered if I don’t find a solution quick. I got the tip today to download all big attachments and safe to disk / erase from Gmail. But it’ll be such a pain in the…

  3. I don’t think you saw my tweets, but I see 3 possibilities.
    1/. second gmail account
    2/. a yahoo account – they are going to unlimited gigabytes this month
    3/. Mozy, 2gb free and then a very cheap paid version. It seems though that there are issues with their mac OSX uploader. It’s hearsay, I have not used this myself. But it dopes look good.

    Hope Yahoo happens very soon. I am calling it Ydrive! because googles gdrive still does not exist!


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