Dear Google,

First off… thank you for all the wonderfull services you so generously provide to us, free of charge. My favorite (and most important) tool is Gmail, that I first started using it as a backup. But gradually I switched to Gmail for all my mail. It’s accessible, perfect indexes and filters, oh wait… I don’t have to tell you.

Why did I switch to Gmail?
Well you kinda told me to, said I could save all my email and not ever have to worry about it (I had terrible Apple Mail crashes before). But recently I have started to worry… with my capacity up to 93% full I had to work to keep SPAM and Trash filters empty. And last night… I hit 99% (I wished I captured that moment).

I’ve been trashing old mail I had previously backupped, and I’m back at 93%. But the next time it’s overloading… what to do? Can I give some suggestions?

• Provide a “download selected messages” option to backup messages offline,
• Allow “multiple foreward” of messages,
Follow Yahoo… give us unlimited storage!

For these options I’d be eternally gratefull… I might even get the tattoo!

Yours sincerely,
Tanja de Bie