Smullen van het nieuwe Delicious

Het moet toch geweldig zijn om A-list blogger te zijn en the-go-to-guy voor wanneer er iets nieuws is. Michael Arrington (Techcrunch) is in dit geval de lucky guy die het nieuwe Delicious mocht previewen en ons lekker maakt via screendumps. (Met dank aan Tijs die erover Twitterde)


Quoting Michael Arrington (Techcrunch):


The navigation bar is now organized into Bookmarks, People, and Tags. The tags section features a new MyTags page where you can see all of your tags in an expanded cloud. On the bar, you can search bookmarks amongst your own, networks, everyone’s, or the set you’re currently looking at.

Tag Bar

The tag bar features tagging auto complete and sorting alphabetically, by date, and popularity.


The bookmark summary can adjust the view detail, so you can either get more or less info with a single click. Also, the popularity of a bookmark can be determined quickly by the width and shade of the blue box around the save count. In addition to a complete history of everyone’s bookmarks for that web page, you can now see who in your network has saved the page.

anatomy of a bookmark


Side Bar

The side bar lets you easily see a person’s list of top tags. You can also refine your view of bookmarks to specific categories as well. You can also give members in your network nicknames.


Action Box

The action box provides you with a list of commonly used actions for the current page.

bookmarks dropdown

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