Worldcup Schladming 4x qualifiers

1. Anneke Beerten (Ned)
2. Tara Llanes (USA)
3. Anita Molcik (Aut)
4. Fionn Griffiths (GBr)

9. Angelika Hohenwarter (Aut) Go Angie Go!

1. Chris Kovarik (Aus)
2. Kamil Tatarkovic (Cze)
3. Dominik Gspan (Sui)
4. Dan Atherton (GBr)

10. Joost Wichman (Ned)
14. Jurg Meijer (Ned)

A lot of big names didn’t start in Austria like Kintner, Miller, Prokop, Lopes or Rinderknecht.

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